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How To Choose Suitable Barber Chairs

Apr 11, 2020

There are many barber chairs in the market, but how to choose the right barber chairs, the key is:

 1.The selected barber  chair copy should be consistent with the store decoration style.

    For example, if the store adopts European style decoration, it is suggested that the barber chair should be able to choose the same style as the store decoration, and choose European style barber chair. If the store is simple decoration, then you can choose simple barber chair.

2.See if the chair frame is firm(of course, it is obvious that our company's chair frame is very firm)

   Generally, it's easier for them to distinguish. For example, use two hands to shake the whole  chair from left to right. If it feels better, it means the chair quality is better.

3.Look at the choice of foam sponge

   Many of the chairs used by many barber shops are mostly those of styled cotton material. Generally, it is better to use high foam foam with a density of 25 kg / cubic meter. When sitting down, the best hairdressing chair cushion should be 10 cm left.

4.Look at the fabric, sew and buy Leather barber chair

   Most of the barber chairs that barbershop usually use are PU leather and faux leather. Of course, there will be high-end spa clubs or some hairdressers that use leather series hair chairs.If you need, we can provide every leather for you!