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Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Apr 02, 2020

 There is no regular work and rest time. People who often stay up late will have endocrine disorders in their bodies, and endocrine disorders in their bodies are easy to cause temporary hair loss. If the temporary hair loss lasts for a long time, permanent hair loss will be formed, that is, hair follicle necrosis.
Staying up late will also damage the kidney and liver, which play a very important role in the healthy growth of hair. At the same time, staying up late may also lead to kidney deficiency, resulting in kidney deficiency alopecia.
But sometimes, due to the pressure of time, we often can't guarantee enough sleep time, so we should take some measures to make up for the damage of staying up late on our hair

 1. Balanced diet and nutrition
The diet of the stay up people is often irregular, and full of junk food, such as instant noodles, fast food, etc. choosing more nutritious food will have a good protective effect on hair, such as kelp, black sesame, etc.
2. Supplement water
Generally speaking, the water content in the human body reaches 50% - 60%. When staying up late, the function of the body will be overloaded. It is necessary to supplement the water in time.
3. Take a hot bath before going to bed
Taking a hot bath can maintain the endocrine balance of human body well, because hot water can make human blood vessels contract violently, and then relax slowly, which not only enhances the cardiovascular function, but also helps to discharge toxins in the blood, plays the role of regulating endocrine, and improves hair loss.
4. Good sleep habits
No matter how perfect the measures are, they are not good sleeping habits. Adults should sleep for about 8 hours every day. A cup of hot milk before sleep can improve the quality of sleep
Have all the above tips been learned? But Xiaobian thinks that no matter how good the prevention is, you can still stay up without staying up. After all, your body is very important!